Cuticle Nipper

Manufacturer, Distributor and wholesaler of Nippers, Cuticle Nippers, Professional Cuticle Nippers, Nail Nippers in Barcelona, Spain. A great artist needs the right tools. To allow you to explore your creativity, we have created a selected range of Cuticle Nippers & Nail Nippers designed specially to cover your needs without putting boundaries to your inspiration. The Cuticle Nippers & Nail Nippers in our range are the result of constant product innovation and many years of experience. Our mission is to give to every operator the freedom to perfect their creations by providing the best comfort. Pain in the wrists while cutting, texturing is a thing of the past. Allow yourself the pleasure to be seduced by our smooth Nail cutting and put no limits to your imagination.

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Nipper Anatomics

Precision aligned full jaw features a gentle curve on the cutting edge. Sharp curved edges meet at tips first leaving a wedge shaped opening for improved cutting.
High quality box joint provides smooth stress free operation and durability.
Protective safety back lock prevents accidental injury from the sharp cutting edges when the tool is not in use.
Comfortable full hand grip features non slip grooved texture.

Creation Process

Craftsmanship impulses our passion for perfection. Our production process is structured in a way that, from the very beginning, we keep the operator and their needs in mind. From the Cuticle Nipper  design and the special attention to the details to the diverse tests we run, one of our main targets is to make sure that the ergonomic nature of our Cuticle Nipper ensures flawless handling and ease of use.

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